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This past summer, I worked on a new art series that explored the world of dog expression and how we relate to those images. From time to time, you’ll be introduced to the dogs from that series and I think you’ll find them as fascinating as I did.

This is Miss Olivia and I probably don’t have to tell you that she’s one smart doggie – you can see it in her eyes.




This is Miss Bianca. She’s an extremely entertaining pug and one of my first loves. Some of you might not know this, but she was the first dog that made me want to be an animal photographer. I recently had her back in the studio and her antics were no less entertaining. She always knows how to make me smile. As a matter of fact, we had so much fun on shoot day that I got a little carried away and walked back to my computer with WAY more shots than I needed. I’ll show you what I mean…



Since we were tired of playing with the ball, I decided to try some hats…


As you can imagine, it was so funny – I had tears in my eyes!


Last but not least, we tried to get some wonderful “serious” portraits and even that was funny.

879A6229879A6217-EditLast but certainly not least, I had to get one last shot. Lucky for me, she was done too.


Thank you for a WONDERFUL shoot, Miss B!



Recently I had the absolute pleasure to meet one of the most regal Golden Retrievers! His name is Wally and let me tell you that he’s a handsome boy. Since he’s older now, his age has not been kind to his hips but he seemed to take all the attention in stride.

One special thing I learned very quickly about Wally is that he’s never very far from his tennis ball, so I made sure to incorporate his favorite ball in the session.879A3176-Edit



Recently, I invited my friend Lauren to bring her super laid back Beagle to my studio to play with some new lighting techniques. She told me that he would be approachable, easy to work with and had loads of personality. I was stoked! Beagles are a personal favorite of mine because they are so sweet and just want some love….and some peanut butter.

Bubba was no exception. We had so much fun in the studio and I was thrilled that he shared some of his expressions with me. In return, I paid him in peanut butter.







Why hello friends!


 Gorgeous Gracie’s face generously lent to me courtesy of Nat Coen.

It’s been ages since I last blogged. Once again, things have been a roller coaster around the studio. Some things haven’t been so great but other things have me so excited, I can hardly see straight. You know me…mentally I’m 6 on Christmas morning.

After attending a fabulous professional conference (Imaging USA in Nasheville, TN) – I came away from the event with some new ideas and some new inspirations. (I also came away with Norovirus but thankfully, that only lasted a few days.) I’ve had some health issues too, that have slowed me down to the point where I feel that I can’t necessarily chase dogs around outside too much. Needless to say, I’ve had some time to think about where Flying Dogs is going and what my business is going to look like. After many, many thinks and plenty of green tea, I’ve made some changes that I feel are super exciting and a little more kind to my body.


 The always gentle and curious Miss Olivia

Studio location: I’ve moved my studio into a more quiet environment that is warm and toasty. I have more direct access and control over my surroundings and have made it super cozy. More relaxed environments make animal photo sessions so much more enjoyable!  It also allows me more time with clients and I’m able to respond to clients a little faster. BONUS! Customer service is something that I really strive for. Clients who are booking sessions will get directions to the studio but I am making the address not public for distraction free sessions. Less distractions also mean a more intimate quality session for clients, furry and otherwise.

Simple product offerings: Since my original goal with Flying Dogs was to provide stunning fine art to hang on my client’s walls, I am offering studio packages designed to make it much more simple to do just that. Each session will have a minimum $200.00 order designed to provide a 20×20 fine art framed print. A limited amount of proofs will be shown and will typically be head shots loaded with personality. Black and white or color choices will be available. Each fine art piece will be a 16×16 print framed with a 20×20 white acid-free mat and encased in a classic black square frame. 24×24 size will also be available for $250.00. My goal with this simple, classic offering is to be a “one-stop shop” for your pet portrait needs. Additionally, a smaller affordable a-la-carte style package will be available and include smaller gift print options once the minimum order has been met. I’ll have more details (pricing and sizes) on the a-la-carte package soon. The best news: NO SESSION FEES!

Of course; should you need a canvas, a cell phone cover, a pillow with your dog’s image on it, etc – I’m MORE than happy to discuss options once the minimum order has been met.


 Buddah is always quick with a kiss

In-person proofing session: In the past, I’ve offered online galleries for proof viewing convenience but I’m finding that it doesn’t seem to fit with my studio vision anymore. In order to provide the highest customer service for my clients, all future sessions will include a pre- session consultation by phone to find out what they are looking for as well as a face-to-face proofing session approximately 1 week after the photo session. This can happen in studio, in the clients home or the local coffee shop.

On-location sessions: Due to physical limitations, I am no longer offering “on-location” sessions. I realize that this may exclude some clients, but I’m hoping that once you see some of the final prints in studio, you’ll come to recognize how unique each fine art piece truly is and can best be achieved in a studio environment.

I’m hoping that by simplifying studio policies and ordering, as well as adding a new, simpler style of photography – I can meet the needs of our incredible pet loving community in a much more personal and unique way.

As always, if you have questions ..please contact me directly at 828-380-9774 or email

You’ll also notice that my website looks a little different these days. I’m still in the process of giving it a fresh coat of paint, so please bear with me if all the links don’t quite go anywhere at the moment. I’m working to get everything fresh and looking new again.




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